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a little blah blah (albb) is an artists' initiative that since 2005 has operated as a platform for contemporary art through a wide range of channels including projects, exhibitions & events, screenings, talks, a residency program, internships and an open-access archive of art books & catalogues. Our program has evolved in a pioneering spirit, in response to the gaps and needs of the Saigon art scene. Since 2008 we have re-focussed our program to presenting one major project each year, capacity building and the ongoing running of albb Reading Room.


Capacity-building with young artists and design students is a core component of albb's activities. We worked with a variety of assistants and volunteers throughout 2005-2006, before launching our internship program in early 2007. Arts management is an under-developed area in Vietnam, and albb is keenly aware of the need to build skills, experience and understanding of systems and practices in this area.

Interns assist with various aspects of our program and its administration, in addition to taking on special roles and tasks in major projects or with visiting artists-in-residence. Through these activities, our interns build their skills in project management, design, translation, research and documentation, in addition to gaining a global awareness of art management and exposure to the work, practices and approaches of a wide range of contemporary artists.

albb also works with volunteers and assistants on major projects, and has two dedicated assistants who work with interpretation and the upkeep of our blog.

We are pleased to introduce the many people who have contributed their time and energy to the running of albb's program.

Luong Tu Dung – project co-ordinator & project manager

Dung started her very first artistic activities by joining a little blah blah as a volunteer installation assistant in MAGMA | we're not counting sheep in 2006. In 2008, she attended the 6th Asia-Europe Art Camp in Singapore, run by Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF), which focussed on New Media Art. Later that year she took on a challenging role as Project Co-ordinator for albb’s Super Structures and found working with this group of international artists to be a terrific experience. Inspired to become more deeply involved in art projects, Dung took on the position of Project Manager for A window until the rains come: albb Open Studio 2010.

Dung completed her degree in Multimedia Design from RMIT Vietnam in 2009 and is working as a graphic designer for a local advertising agency. Her life-long goal is to contribute to the revolution of making Vietnamese characters become globally recognized, especially in art and design. Building her career is the first step towards this.

She has a strong passion in conceptual work related to psychology and philosophy and is crafting her first artistic project around these concerns.

Phan Chi Mai – project co-ordinator

Chi Mai completed her BA of Multimedia Design in 2007 and soon after became involved with albb projects by acting as artist’s assistant to Sue Hajdu in various projects, and to Katrin Paul during her residency with albb. Later in 2007 she became Project Co-ordinator for the Bao Loc Project, a demanding role in which Chi Mai’s fabulous administrative and managerial skills blossomed. After completing the Bao Loc Project catalogue, she left albb and moved on to work as an account executive for CMN AD GROUP. She is currently in the final semester of a Masters of Advertising at RMIT Melbourne.

There are two things that Chi Mai can’t live without: her phone and bubble tea.

Van Thuy Linh - albb intern

Linh completed her high school education in Australia and is now in the final semester of her Multimedia degree at RMIT. She is keen to be a part of the fast-paced development of Vietnam by developing her career as a designer once she graduates. Travelling and her grandma's “pho” are also great passions.

Linh joined albb as an intern in 2007. She was graphic designer for our outreach project, my little capsule-oh what a champion! and has designed a lot of our invitations for the Reading Room and for our talks. She worked with videographer, Francois Lamontagne to shoot and edit documentation of The Last Vestige and assisted with translations for The Last Vestige and SHOWTIME.

Julia Mironova - albb intern

Julia has been living in Vietnam since the age of five. After graduating from Russian high school in Vung Tau, she moved to Saigon to study Multimedia Design at RMIT. She is aiming to build an international career as a graphic designer after graduating in 2007. Her interests include gaming, fashion and sushi.

Julia worked as an installation assistant for various albb projects in 2006. She joined albb as an intern in 2007 and created an extended Flash animation for The Histrionics, our first edition of SHOWTIME. Julia has handled a lot of the graphic design for our invitations for talks and albb Reading Room and assisted on The Last Vestige.

Thu Vu - albb intern

Thu was born in Hanoi and studied in London before returning to Vietnam to commence university. She is currently studying Multimedia at RMIT International University, Vietnam. She first studied photography in the UK and is keen to develop a practice as a photographer.

Thu joined albb as an intern in 2007. She was translator for our outreach project, my little capsule-oh what a champion! and researcher for SHOWTIME: The Histrionics. She was assistant to artists-in-residence, Varsha Nair and Sylvia Schwenk in addition to being part of The Last Vestige.

Le Ngoc Son - albb intern

Son was born in Nha Trang and lived there until the age of 18 when he moved to Saigon to continue his studies. He is currently in his first year of Multimedia at RMIT. Son paints and sketches, enjoys reading Haruki Murakami and listening to metal music.

Son joined albb as an intern in 2007 and has worked on SHOWTIME and The Last Vestige. He researched, developed and designed out residency info packs, and has assisted with translations for various albb projects such as The Last Vestige and Bao Loc Project.

Vo Nguyen Mai Tram -albb blogmaster, 2006, 2007

Tram worked as an administrative and installation assistant to albb in 2006. She is currently our blogmaster. Tram is completing the final semester of her Multimedia studies at RMIT and hopes to enter the video production industry after graduating.

Nguyen Tan Dat - albb interpreter, 2006, 2007

Dat joined albb in late 2006 and handles most of the interpretation for our bilingual talks. He is currently in his final semester of Multimedia at RMIT. 3D animation and contemporary art are big passions.

Nguyen To Lan - albb project assistant, The Dream Collector, 2006

To Lan is a visual artist who graduated from HCM City Fine Arts University and is currently pursuing her own career as an artist. She trained in painting but is also interested other practices such as public and community-based art.

To Lan was project assistant to The Dream Collector in 2006.

Dang Son Lam - albb project assistant, Trans-Splash: Jouissance, 2006

Lam was project assistant to Trans-Splash, in addition to assisting albb co-directors in the production of Ahhhhh… through performance and video editing. Lam is studying Multimedia at RMIT and is the head of RMIT's Design Club, actively organizing art and design-related events at the university.